The PowerUp

A Trello PowerUp for Apps

This a simple Trello PowerUp for your apps and or any publicly available app. It supports default app on a workspace, a board or any card.

Here's some examples on how it can be used :

  • This is deployed with Deta Space Form app "Formate" which is not custom build A Form app
  • This app allows you to update your checklist item due dates using other dates fields, allowing your to treat it a start date or deadline and bump the dates according. It runs as a standalone app or with The PowerUp app Taco Bump
  • This is a simple app to allow you to collect and use data in downstream automation Detafields
  • This is an app that allows you to custom the MirrorSync scope for a card that uses MirrorSync. It now runs standalone or with the PowerUp MirrorSync
  • This is a test app that allows you to ask ChatGPT ChatGPT

Install the app

After you have installed the app, you will need your app instance URL to create a custom powerup

Custom PowerUp Setup

  • Go to the PowerUp Admin page

  • Click on New

  • On this page New Power-Up or Integration

    • Give your powerup a name
    • Select the workspace for this powerup
    • Copy and paste your app instance URL into the placeholder "Iframe connector URL (Required for Power-Up)"
    • Finish by clicking on Create button
  • When presented with the Basic Information filled in the rest of the information in the various placeholders on the page. Your instance URL should appear on "Iframe connector URL (Required for Power-Up)".

  • Click on Save

  • Go to the API Key page API Key

  • Click on Generate a new API Key to generate a new api key for your powerup.

  • If you have successfully generated a new API Key, you will be presented with the API Key page where your new API Key and secret will be in the placeholder. For the purpose of the powerup, only the API Key will be used.

  • In the Allowed Origins placeholder copy and paste your instance URL minus the last backlash / and click on Add Allowed Origins

  • Go to the Capabilities page

  • Activate the following capabilities :

    • Board buttons
    • Card back section
    • Card detail badges
    • Authorisation Status
    • Show Authorisation

Use the toggle switch as show below to activate the capability :

Card back section

  • Go to the Privacy and compliance page and answer No to the question for "Does your Power-Up store any Trello user personal data?"

Configure your app

You will need the API Key from the previous section to complete the configuration process.

  • Return to your app Setting > Configuration

    • TRELLO_API_KEY this should match the api key you have generated when setting up the custom powerup.
    • POWERUP_NAME this name will appear as the header for your card back section. A default is provided.
    • DEFAULT_APP_URL this is any url for an app
    • APP_KEYWORD when this is appended as the path of your app url, the powerup will append the card id. A default is provided.
    • IFRAME_HEIGHT use this to adjust the height of the card back section. A default is provided.
    • PORT this is required by the node server. A default is provided.


    When a app setting contains the keyword as part of a workspace, board or card app setting for your app, the powerup will call the app with the card id appended to the path. This enables the app to use the card id as part of the services it provides e.g. stores data specific for a card using the card id as the key in a NOSQL database.